Dorset School Games

Dorset Games 3On the 26th of March, The Blandford School took a group of young people including dancers, young ambassadors and young umpires along to help out at the Dorset School Games. Our 2 year 8 dancers attended a workshop in Bryanston in January. Since then, they have been practicing the choreography from a video of the dance that they performed at the end of the day at Bryanston. They then performed this at the opening ceremony at the Dorset School Games where the young ambassadors, Daniel Williams and Ellie Whale, opened the ceremony alongside the guest Olympian Zara Dampney. Zara is an Olympic beach volleyball player for team GB and is currently training for 2016 Olympics in Rio. She spoke about her experiences in sport and her journey to success. This was inspiring for the young people as she went to school and lived locally.

Dorset games 2Five young umpires, Paige Murphy, Ellie Whale, Charlotte Legg, Grace Ritchie and Vicki Wainwright, also attended to officiate the netball tournament which was one of the four sports throughout the day. They all rotated between umpiring and scoring, they were there as role models for all the young people and made sure fair play was shown throughout.

During the day Daniel Williams was given the task of helping to ensure that the rugby tournament ran smoothly by directing teams to the correct pitches and helping with scoring. He was also instructed to reward the young performers in the games with rubber bands which had the 7 desired qualities of a sportsperson, these included determination, self belief, communication, teamwork, passion, honesty and skilled performance.

Dorset Games 1Over the day the contribution of both the umpires and the young ambassadors of The Blandford School ensured that the day functioned well and the competitors in the games enjoyed the day.

By Year 12 Young Ambassadors Dan Williams and Ellie Whale