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School Closures
Very occasionally, we need to close the school to students.  In that event, information will be posted on the school’s web-page, and also broadcast on several local radio stations.

School Closure Letter

School Day

8.30 am Students allowed into school
8.40 am Warning Bell
8.45 am Registration
8.55 am Period 1
9.55 am Period 2
10.55 am Break
11.20 am Period 3
12.20 pm Period 4
1.20 pm Lunch (see notes below)
2.10 pm Assembly/Tutor
2.30 pm Period 5
3.30 pm Close


  • The school accepts no responsibility for students on any school day prior to 8.30am apart from those accessing the breakfast service. Students arriving at school at abnormal hours (eg for school trips) are obviously allowed into school as appropriate.
  • No student should be inside the school’s buildings after the end of school (and certainly not after 4.00pm) unless by arrangement and directly supervised.
  • Please would parents’ park in the vacant parking spaces at school pick-up time in the afternoon, as this would be very helpful to the flow of traffic and the safety of our young people leaving the school site.
  • Also if you are visiting the school and wish to come to reception please use the internal roadway as there is parking directly outside our front entrance. Otherwise the internal roadway should only be accessed by staff, students, visitors and those delivering goods. Please note that for safeguarding reasons we would ask this roadway and pathway not to be used as a cut through between the Leisure Centre and Milldown Primary School and vice versa

After School Detentions
After school detentions are run daily from 3.30pm – 4.30pm.
If you need to collect your child following an after school detention, they may be collected from Reception.

Clubs and Activities
Details of all the Clubs and Activities available are kept up to date on here:

Clubs List 2018-2019 (Summer Term)


Ragtags, 29 West Street, Blandford Forum, Dorset, DT11 7AW. Tel: 01258 455707

You can buy school uniform from Ragtags either in store or online. Please visit for more information.

School Uniform

Uniform slide


Caterlink are a  leading independently owned caterer focusing solely on the State education sector across the UK in Secondary, Primary, College and 6th Forms.

Caterlink provides fresh, healthy food to over 700 clients throughout the UK. We currently work with over 250 secondary schools, many of whom have multiple outlets.

We are proud to have been awarded accolades from various organisations that recognise our commitment to providing healthy and fresh food. At the inaugural EDUcatering Awards, Caterlink was recognised for its excellence in providing high quality freshly produced meals at Schools across the UK, with the award of “Caterer of the Year”.

With over 20 years of experience in bringing real innovation to School catering services, our menus are well balanced, exciting and focus on value and health while ensuring that we offer food that reflects current trends on the High street and supported with great value promotions and loyalty schemes to ensure we offer all pupils and students great value for money.




Caterlink Marketing Bulletin June

Student Support Fund
The Blandford School was delighted to receive a contribution from Ragtags in Blandford Forum to enable the establishment of a student support fund.  The fund will be used to assist years 7 – 11 students by providing uniform, books and equipment as well as contributing towards the cost of trips essential for students’ courses.

Please download the application form, or contact the school office if you require a paper copy to be sent to you, or if you would like assistance in completing the form.

APPLICATION FORM: Student Support Award Application.

Financial assistance available to Sixth Form students.

Information about Free School Meals can be found:

Bus Information

It would be very helpful if the parents of all children who catch the bus to school, but who are not in receipt of a bus pass, could advise the school. This will help us to be aware of which students we may need to contact if there are any problems with the bus services.

The Blandford School Bus Timetables

Wilts and Dorset Buses
Wilts and Dorset and Salisbury Reds have facebook pages. Students can ‘like’ the site to automatically see if there are any reported problems or delays.
Link to their website here.

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The Blandford School Publication Scheme