North Dorset Badminton Tournament.

On Wednesday 10th December The Blandford School hosted the  North Dorset badminton tournament. Our players did really well with the two boys teams  ending up contesting the final and the ‘B’ Team winning through to the County finals.

Boys ‘A’ Team:                                 Boys ‘B’ Team:

Joseph Empson                                Rory Shafford

Callum McDonald                             Benjamin Peters

Michael England                               Jake Hart

Thomas Henley                                 Edward Youngson


Both girls teams also did well against some very good players.


Girls ‘A’ Team:                                Girls ‘B’ Team

Imogen Potter                                    Masmi Gurung

Florence  Bailey                                 Lauren Newman

Alyce Peaty                                         Amber Miller

Emma Sully                                         Katie Willis-Fisher


TBS  Year 11 students also officiated the event for nearly 4 hours and  were fantastic. They not only had to umpire their peers in a district competition but did so knowing they were also completing a controlled assessment towards their PE GCSE.

All student involved were a credit with their behaviour and attitude throughout.