TBS Sports Leaders Host Swimming Gala

On the 7th January sports leaders from the Blandford School went up to Bryanston to host a swimming gala for the years 4, 5 and 6 to attend from the local primary schools in the Blandford area. Staff at Bryanston were great by letting us use the pool for free but also supplying us with a lifeguard.  The event started at 1.10 after all the schools were there and teachers and sports leaders were briefed on what was going to happen and that this event was to be taken lightly so that the kids can enjoy the atmosphere and enjoy the swimming. The opening race was year 4 boys freestyle following the year 4 girls. Races went in age order, boys then girls to keep it as simple as possible and to help it flow easier. This meant that mid way though the event everyone knew what was happening and what races were next, so much so that we finished the scoring races 20 minuets before our scheduled time. This meant that we could include more entertaining relays for them to enjoy and for those who had not participated or only competed in one race a chance to get in the pool again. We did a mini presentation for the winner of each age group with an overall school winner.  A big thank to Mrs Bailey who helped plan the event and give lifts to some of the sports leaders.

By Sixth Form Student  Ryan Walbridge

Swim Gala 15