School Charter

The Blandford School Charter

This Charter forms the basis of our ethos at The Blandford School.  It articulates our key values and promotes our collective responsibility to work towards a positive and progressive school community.

We ALL have a right…     

To  be safe at school and enjoy a safe, clean environment (Article 24)
To receive a good quality education with fair discipline that respects human dignity  (Article 28)
To have a say about what we think should happen regarding decisions that affect us and to have our opinions taken seriously (Article 12)
To relax, play, meet with others and join groups and organisations. (Article 15,  31)

Therefore: We can respect these rights by…

  • Creating a safe environment in which everyone works together to prevent bullying
  • Listening and acting on concerns
  • Keeping our school clean
  • Working together to create a positive learning environment
  • Making the most of our learning opportunities and not disrupting the learning of others
  • Fully participating in school life, working hard and coming prepared for lessons
  • Following the school rules
  • Giving recognition for hard work
  • Expressing our opinions in a constructive way and listening to the views of others
  • Not judging or offending others and treating everyone with respect
  • Making the most of opportunities offered to us and taking part in extra curricular activities