Vision, Values and Ethos

Vision Statement

For every member of our community to show respect, high levels of ambition and effort, a positive attitude and perseverance in all they do.


REAP which is as follows:

Respect (ensure we are polite, well-mannered and respect the rights we all have).
Effort (challenge ourselves, be ambitious and do our best).
Attitude (have a positive attitude in every situation).
Perseverance (show resilience and determination).



  • To focus rigorously on student progress.
  • To ensure leaders and governors relentlessly pursue excellence.
  • To provide outstanding guidance and welfare provision.
  • To ensure our curriculum is rich, relevant, broad and balanced.
  • To recruit, retain and develop specialist, motivated and innovative staff.
  • To maintain a good reputation and be the secondary school of choice in the local community and beyond.