China Trip Updates

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17th Feb: It was a beautiful, sunny day in Beijing but very cold so a few of the students put their newly found bartering skills into action to buy some warm Chinese hats!

We visited Tiananmen Square and the Forbidden City in the morning and after another Chinese lunch we went to the Summer palace in the afternoon.

We then went to a tea house and sampled various types of tea before having our Peking Duck Banquet.


16th Feb began with a trip to Zhuhaniao Water Town 47km from Shanghai, a typical ancient town situated on the Yangtze River which has almost 1700 years of history .

In the afternoon we visited the  shopping district Nanjing Rd and the famous Bund district with many historical colonial buildings. It is now a major financial hub of East Asia.

Our next stop was the Yu Garden and the Jade Buddha Temple.

The evening ended with another amazing meal followed by a visit to a spectacular acrobatic show.

All set for the Bullet train tomorrow (Saturday UK) heading to Beijing.



15th Feb:From the airport we caught the Maglev train into Shanghai travelling at over 300 km/hour ,we had our first Chinese meal in a local restaurant which was something of a banquet.

Following this we went to the Oriental Pearl Tower the second most visited tower in the whole of the world after the Eiffel Tower. The lift went up at a rate of 8 mps and it certainly felt that when we were going up! We walked over a glass floor looking down from a height over Shanghai.



14th Feb: At 1.30am this morning (GMT Time), we received a message from Mrs Moore to say that the flight had landed safely in Shanghai, and all students are well.

We then strolled through the modern financial district – astounded at the height of many of the buildings. We then went to the Yu Gardens the most famous garden in Shanghai.

The evening ended with an amazing river cruise along the banks of the Huangpo River to see the famous Shanghi sights at night.


13th Feb: We waved goodbye to a large group of Sixth Form students and staff, who departed on a fantastic trip to China for the next 7 days. What a wonderful experience for all of the students and staff involved. We hope to continue to bring you updates from the trip throughout the week below (technology permitting!).