PE Lessons over the winter months

As the weather inevitably deteriorates for the winter, we ask parents and carers to encourage students to pack suitably for PE lessons. A number of students continue to wear shorts and thin polo tops as their PE kit which, whilst fine in the summer months, do not provide much protection in the colder months of the year. We would encourage students to consider packing the following items:


  • TBS PE kit over-layers (TBS fleece, Sports hoody, TBS PE sweatshirt, TBS training top)
  • Under-layers (ideally black or maroon)
  • Gloves (if appropriate to activity)
  • Warm hats (suitable for physical activity)
  • Track suit bottoms (black only)
  • Towel
  • Carrier bag (for wet kit after lessons)
  • Spare underwear (socks, pants)


Please note that for hygiene reasons, students are not permitted to wear school coats for PE lessons. There are a number of options including TBS sweatshirts, fleeces and hoodies which provide a warmer top layer. Scarves are also not permitted for health and safety reasons.


Please also note that, unless weather conditions produce an unsafe teaching environment, lessons will continue to take place outside where scheduled. Staff will adapt lessons accordingly when weather may impact on learning.