Students from The Blandford School Raising Awareness of Climate Change

Students at The Blandford School have taken part in the FatFace Competition for the last three years with great success. Over 200 children from schools in the south took part. The prize for the winners was to have their product marketed in store.

This year, the product designed by students, Amelia Starkey, Ella Knightbridge, Charlie Bagg and Sasha Payne was so impressive that not only did it win the competition, but it has been sold in over 100 stores nationwide and online.

The students were adamant that they wanted to design something which would make a difference to our future.  They were inspired to act by the facts that enough plastic is thrown away each year to circle the earth 4 times, and that a shocking 10 million tonnes of plastic waste ends up in the oceans each year.

The students’ original design on a white T-shirt was judged by the experts from FatFace, together with designs from the other schools who participated, and very little was changed from the prototype to the finished garment – shown on the right.

The success of the product has surprised all those involved in Project Fresh Face, with sales exceeding those of all previous winners, and has led to the range being re-stocked – the first time this has happened since the Project was launched.

Alison Marsh, Deputy Head of Faculty Design and Technology, said “I am so proud of our students.  They gave up hours of their own time to take part in the project, and their passion and dedication was evident to all those involved in the process.  The fact that, whilst still at school, the students have been able to design a product which is a commercial success, as well as highlighting the current threat to our environment, is a huge credit to them.”

The range should be re-available from September, so don’t delay showing your support once it’s re-launched as they were a sell-out last time around!