Trinity College London Musical Theatre in Production FULL REPORT from Evita

Trinity College London.

Musical Theatre in Production (EVITA)

Grade 7

The Blandford School

19th July 2018


Marks Awarded
Group Dynamic

This was an impressive production which successfully engaged the energy and commitment of its young cast. The meticulously timed ensemble scenes were consistently atmospheric and successfully conveyed the optimism, ambition and ultimate betrayal at the heart of this piece.

Group scenes, including the funeral in Act 1, the colour in “On this Night”, the “Buenos Aires” dance, “Peron’s Latest Flame”, the placard bearers in “A New Argentina”, the dance element in “The Money Kept Rolling In”, the touching “Please Holy Eva” and the final broadcast in Act 2 were all highly effective and frequently very moving.

Dance sequences were beautifully synchronised throughout, setting a very high standard.






For any school production the ability to cast vital solo roles which demand high level skills in singing and acting is a key consideration. This demanding production was fortunate in its solo performers and their capacity to anchor key roles with confidence and flair.

“Che” provided an assured presence as narrator and sang with confidence and clarity throughout, (especially in “High Flying Adored”.)

“Eva” captured the desperate ambition and self-dramatisation of the heroine and met the challenge of “Don’t Cry” with some assurance “Peron” adopted an unexpectedly cheerful demeanour throughout and might have drawn upon more gravitas and single-minded determination to give the characterisation more subtlety. The duet with “Eva” “You must leave me” was both moving and impressive.






Direction and staging were key strengths of the production. Despite the restriction of stage space, and occasional cramping of some scenes the production had a high visual impact.

Act 1 offered a series of impressive moments, including the atmospheric opening in the cinema, the “Buenos Aries” dance and the skilful co-ordination of “The Art of the Possible” and the complex interactions of “I’d be Surprisingly Good for You” and “Peron’s Latest Flame”, all leading to the high impact Act 1 finale.

The scaffold structure provided an effective podium for “Don’t Cry” in Act 2 with some fine crowd and choral contributions leading to the very powerful final broadcast and reprise.

Throughout the dance co-ordination was exceptionally high quality, finely timed and drilled with impressive engagement by all the dancers.





Engagement with Audience 

This imaginative and well-crafted production drew a very positive response from the audience throughout.

The high visual impact of the production and the impressive individual and ensemble performances and the ambitious response to the many challenges of this piece for a young cast were clearly appreciated by the audience.

The large, well-rehearsed orchestra fully reflected both school and community commitment to the success of the production.





Response to the Material

This presentation reflected a highly creative response to character, context, and staging. The imaginative and economical use of a restricted space to portray huge events, egos and responses with pace, spontaneity and total engagement by all cast members was consistently impressive.





Overall Comments

A moving and impressive production, of which the school should be rightly proud, demonstrating a high level of skill, ambition, commitment, and flair by all concerned.

The excellence of the direction was appropriately reflected in, and matched by, the strength of individual performances, by the consistently impressive choreography and by the skill and efficiency of the musicians and support crew.





Total 90/100