Two Talented TBS Mathematicians Success in Mathematical Challenge

The Blandford School is proud to announce that two of our talented mathematicians scored high enough in the Intermediate Mathematical Challenge (IMC), organised by the United Kingdom Mathematics Trust, to qualify for next respective rounds. 

George Knight in Year 9 scored 71/135 in the IMC which places him in the top 5% of his year group. He thus qualified to compete in the ‘Grey Kangaroo’ (for up to Y9 students only) where he gained a certificate of qualification by scoring 68/135 in this problem-solving maths test.

Year 10 student Matthew Hancock scored 87/135 in the IMC which placed him in the top 1.5% of his year group (and in the top 2.5% of all Year 10 and Y11 students that took part), allowing him to compete in the  ‘Pink Kangaroo’ (open to Y10 and Y11 students only). A score in the top 25% will earn a Merit in this competition; Matthew’s high score of 76/135 in the Kangaroo round saw him placed in the top 20% of all students who sat the challenge, an extremely impressive achievement!

The ’Intermediate’ Kangaroo challenge was set up to promote and inspire young mathematicians all around the world. The competition is by invite only at The Blandford School, so we are incredibly proud of all our competitors in all years but of course especially of George and Matthew for their achievements.

Whilst the IMC is mainly taken by UK schools, this year 5% of entries came from overseas schools. Additionally, schools in other countries may also sit the Kangaroo in their country and language through the European Kangaroo and not by sitting the IMC.