Year 7 Geography Field Trip Letter

Dear Parents / Carers,


We are planning a field trip into Blandford town centre to investigate land use in the town.  The visit will last approximately 2 hours to include time for the students to be walked down to the sites, to complete the fieldwork and to return to school. The dates of the visit will be as follows:


Date class Lessons and time Teacher and support
Monday 19th November (week A) 7L/Gg3 3+4 (1120-1320) MAC and support
Tuesday 20th November (week A) 7L/Gg2 3+4 (1120-1320) MUI and support
Wednesday 21st November (week A) 7L/Gg1 3+4 (1120-1320) DAT and support
Thursday 22nd November (week A) 7R/Gg1 1+2 (0855-1055) MAC and support
Thursday 22nd November (week A) 7R/Gg3 1+2 (0855-1055) DAT and support
Friday 24th November (week A) 7R/Gg2 1+2 (0855-1055) MAC and support
Tuesday 27th November (Week B) 7L/Gg4 1+2 (0855-1055) MAC and Support


Students will undertake a series of activities in Blandford town centre to investigate the variety of land uses around the area and popularity of these services. They will complete worksheet based activities during the visit that will be used in the classroom to develop fact files about Blandford. Students will be supervised by members of staff at all times during the visit.


Students will need to attend registration as normal and make their way to their class teacher’s room (404 for Mr Davis , 405 for Mrs Muir and 406 for Mrs Mackay)  5 minutes before the time stated above for their specific class if they are due to have a Geography lesson on their time table. If students are shdeuled to have a different lesson they should meet in the Canteen area next to the hall. After registration of the class, students class will depart TBS, walking into town as a class, supervised by members of staff. Once there, students will complete a land use map whereby they will record the building uses in Blandford town centre, and will complete a pedestrian survey at 3 points in the town. The class will then leave the town centre to walk back to TBS at 10.35am and 1pm, returning at approximately 10.55am and 1.20pm respectively.  At this point, students will return to break or lunch as normal and attend periods 3, 4 and 5 as timetabled. There will be no alterations of the start and finish times of the school day.


Students are required to bring plenty of water to drink, pens, a pencil, a set of colouring pencils and, if possible, a clipboard. Students are required to wear school uniform for the duration of the trip. Students will also need a jacket or coat in case of wet and/or windy weather. A rucksack or suitable bag will be required to carry their equipment.


There is no cost involved with this trip however, we do require you to complete the attached permission forms to enable your child to participate in this visit. The deadline for receipt of forms is Monday 12th November 2018. Forms should be returned to your child’s main Geography teacher at your earliest convenience.


Yours sincerely,


Mrs H. Muir

(Subject Lead – Geography)